Our Dreams

 Dreams and aspirations, big or small come to us all.
“Our Dreams” was a series of workshops using a variety of media to help the participants tell their stories.

These workshops helped people living with disability to show us that their dreams are not dissimilar to ours and what we sometimes take for granted, could be a challenge or a big aspiration for them.

The varied media allowed each participant to choose their preferred form of communication such as drawing, painting, writing, modeling or photography.


During the initial stages of the writing workshop, Alicia Dawson guides the participants to think creatively. They imagine that the object they have in their hands has magic powers. The magic item will transform them into superheroes. The participants are encouraged to answer the following questions: Which superhero would they be? What would they do with their powers?

After this exercise is completed, the participants are asked to tell us in detail about their dreams and aspirations, while Alicia writes their responses.



Workshop’s teachers Janneth Gil and Karen Toledo guide the participants to tell us about their wishes through artwork.

Photo credit: Karen Toledo and Janneth Gil



Individual workshops were designed for those that wanted or needed one on one guidance.

Here Lucila works closely with Stella Crawford to portray her dream. Stella wants to rescue elephants when she grows up.



A fashion photo-shoot facilitates positive interaction with people from different backgrounds.

Here Toni Larson is supported by staff from Idea Services and SkillWise to pursue her dream of becoming a model.

Makeup designer
Briar Rose Sands

Hair and fashion consultant
Daniel Winchester

Support Staff
Tina Mazey, Bev Lowen and Roger Walker