We are all the same;

we are all different

‘Our Voices’ depicts the life stories of a group of people living with disability in Christchurch, New Zealand. Through experience, after immigrating to New Zealand from Colombia, photographer Janneth Gil found her cultural views and understanding of people with special needs challenged and came to realize that their hopes and dreams were not dissimilar from her own.

The goal of ‘Our Voices’ is to educate people about the lives of those with disabilities and their support networks. Janneth’s belief is that this education will lead to more open, tolerant and equal communities that celebrate difference rather than stigmatize it.

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Our Voices

This site was created with the hope that by learning from others we can eliminate uninformed judgment. “Our voices” invites you to consider your place in relation to people living with disability and to celebrate peoples’ differences, as they are what make us truly valuable members of society. These are their stories…

Lydia Wilkinson

Stella Crawford


There are many individuals and organisations that support people living with disabilities. They make a big difference in the lives of those involved. These are some of their stories…


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